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CO₂ Incubtor


Product Introduction

The carbon dioxide incubator provides the growth environment of cells/tissues in the organism by simulating the incubator. The incubator requires a stable temperature (37°C), a stable CO2 level (5%), and a constant pH (Value: 7.2-7.4), a higher relative saturation humidity (95%), a device for in vitro cell/tissue culture, an advanced instrument for cell, tissue, and bacterial culture, and an advanced instrument for immunology and tumor Key equipment necessary for science, genetics and bioengineering. It is widely used in the research and production of microorganisms, agricultural sciences, and pharmacology.

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  • The shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is electrostatic sprayed, and the inner surface is stainless steel, which is durable;

  • Adopt intelligent control system, which can display multiple parameter interfaces at the same time;

  • The heating function of the glass door can effectively avoid the phenomenon of water condensation;

  • Independent temperature limit alarm system, low temperature, high temperature and over temperature alarm, alarm for too long door open time, to ensure the safety of the test;

  • Built-in UV sterilization system can effectively kill bacteria, molds, mycoplasma and other microorganisms;

  • RS485 communication, USB data interface, mobile phone wireless alarm message controller and other functions are optional;

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