Vacuum Filtration 

    Product lines

  • Wiped Film Molecular Distillation

    • Glass

    • Stainless Steel

  • Short Path Distillation

    • 2L & 5L

    • 10L& 20L

  • Rotary Evaporators

    • Motor Lift (5L)

    • Motor Lift (10L-50L)

    • Hand Lift (50L)

  • Jacketed Glass Reactors

    • 50L

    • 100L

  • Vacuum Filtration

    • Glass Funnel

    • Stainless Steel​​​​ Funnel

  • Filter Reactor

Product Discription

The vacuum filter is mainly used for liquid-solid filtration under vacuum condition. It has been widely used in laboratories nowadays.

Though filtration can be done simply with gravity, more often vacuum filtration is employed because it is much faster. Several points are worth remembering. First, be sure to clamp your filter flask securely. These flasks are easily upended. Use the trap between your filter flask and the aspirator. Also, be sure to use thick-walled vacuum tubing and not the thin walled tubing used for water lines.



Stainless Steel Funnel Vacuum Filtration





Glass Funnel Vacuum Filtration




Turnkey Solution Schematic

Components:Vacuum Filtration and Vacuum Pump

Auxiliary Products

Water Cycle Vacuum Pump

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