How to make CBD Crystals (CBD Isolate)

Normally you will need your distillate to have at least 75% of CBD content to be able to make CBD crystals with purity higher than 90%. The higher the purity of the distillate, the high purity of the CBD crystals you will get.

The equipment for making CBD crystals is called filter reactor (also known as crystallization reactor

), it is basically a jacketed reactor with filters on the bottom of the reactor. The auxiliary equipment are a heating and cooling circulation with accurate temperature control system for controlling the temperature of the jacket of the reactor, a chiller, and a vacuum pump. The filter reactor can be made of either glass or stainless steel.

The process of making CBD crystals is quite straight forward. You can mix your CBD distillate with pentane with a ratio of 1 to 3 or 1 to 5. (The later one provides you with higher purity crystals, but you will consume quite a lot of pentane. Normally, people use 1:3 ratio.) Also you will need a fume cupboard or a room with good ventilation system for working with pentane.

The procedure to make CBD crystals is:

1, The chiller is connected to the condenser on top of the filter reactor, set the temperature to -20 ֯C. (this is to condense the pentane when they were heated in the reactor to mix the distillate and pentane)

2, Mix the distillate and pentane in the filter reactor with agitation and increase the temperature to about 45 ֯C to fully dissolve the distillate.

3, When the distillate is fully dissolved, starts to cool the jacket, when the temperature decreases to a certain level, the CBD crystals will start to precipitate and grow. The cooling speed is important for the crystallization.

4, Once precipitation stops, vacuum filter the crystal/liquid slurry to remove the mother liquor from the CBD crystals. Rinse the crystals with ice-cold pentane to rinse impurities from the crystal surfaces. Keeping the CBD and materials cold during this step is ideal. (The mother liquid contains some CBD, you can process it again if necessary.)

5, Dry the crystals

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