How to get the best crude for your wiped film distillation system Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: The Damage of Sugar in CBD industry

Wipe film molecular system is a venerable system, you CBD/THC crude oil need to be well prepossessed before going to molecular distillation system.

Weatherization has been well address by committee. Labs know how to remove fat and winterize properly, while sugar removing method haven’t got much attentions. There is few reason.:

1: Concentration is low in most cases. The major reason sugar didn’t raise a red flag in industry is sugar can be ignore in some cases. When you are processing in small lab or in small equipment such as short path distillation, you rarely need to worry about sugar. Unlike fats that might affect the looks and price of distillate, sugar can not be seen in distillate.

2: Sugar do no harm to customer. Sugar is a natural supplement for human. Processor have no motivation on removing sugar during processing.

3: High cost: Method of sugar removal will add additional processing step into your current lab. It will involve new equipment, new solvent added, and new labor. Current method of sugar removal heavily relays on adding new solvent. Which will increase lab’s energy bill, increase overall processing time and add extra labor cost.

However, once we step into large processing bath or amount, processor have to consider sugar removal in their current lab. For lab size that have equipment larger than 4 inch wipe film distillation system, they need to consider sugar removal serious. Here is a few reasons:

1: Sugar get burn. When your distillation processing temperature is too high, sugar will be burn and leaving marks on glass wipe film distillation unit. Those burn mark will affect your wipe film performance and will make your golden clear distillate much darker than it should be.

2: Sugar increase viscosity. Sugar increase viscosity of your crude oil. As we know, crude oil has high viscosity at room temperature. Sugar increase the viscosity of crude oil at high temperature. You crude will flow much slower in pipe line. It is especially harmful when your lab is running multi-stage system, which has long narrow line for crude transfer. Pipe line will be clog up even at high temperature, which cost extreme long time for human to remove, thus causing long down time for labs.

The size of processor has been go larger and larger in the past 6 month. More people have found out the drawback of not removing sugar. In next chapter, we will discuss a few popular way to remove sugar in both small and large batch.

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