Jacketed Glass Reactors

    Product lines

  • Wiped Film Molecular Distillation

    • Glass

    • Stainless Steel

  • Short Path Distillation

    • 2L & 5L

    • 10L& 20L

  • Rotary Evaporators

    • Motor Lift (5L)

    • Motor Lift (10L-50L)

    • Hand Lift (50L)

  • Jacketed Glass Reactors

    • 50L

    • 100L

  • Vacuum Filtration

    • Glass Funnel

    • Stainless Steel​​​​ Funnel

  • Filter Reactor

Product Discription

A jacketed vessel is a container that is designed for controlling temperature of its contents, by using a cooling or heating "jacket" around the vessel through which a cooling or heating fluid is circulated. The jacket has ability to permits the uniform exchange of heat between the fluid circulating in it and the walls of the vessel.

JGR-series jacketed glass reactors are designed for reaction and mixing of different types of materials under a specific adjustable temperature and vacuum condition. The reaction lid has different functional ports which allow users to perform different purposes such as adding material to the vessel at a controlled speed, measure the temperature of material, add powder or solids to the vessel, recover the distilled material and so on. The lid is fully customizable according to clients' requirements.



Jacketed Glass Reactor 50L




Jacketed Glass Reactor 100L



Turnkey Solution Schematic

流程图(单个)_反应釜 副本.png

Components: Jacketed Glass Reactor, High Temperature Water Bath, Chiller and Vacuum Pump

Auxiliary Products
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Water Cycle Vacuum Pump

Heating Circulator

Water Cycle Vacuum Pump

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