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Product Discription

Filter reactor combine function of reaction and filtration in one equipment

It achieves Filtration and Reaction within the one single apparatus. The best choice for ethanol extraction, solvent recovery, crystallization and many more.

UL listed motor is an option



Filter Reactor 10L




Filter Reactor 50L




Filter Reactor 20L




Filter Reactor 100L




1: Ethanol Extraction

Since filter reactor combine function of reaction and filtration, its efficiency in ethanol extraction is higher than regular ethanol. Filter reactor can perform extraction and filtration in one run, saving you both time and labor. The overhead stirrer can decrease the reaction time needed for extraction, and increase the filtration speed.

2: Solvent recovery

The jacketed reactor can run heating circulator up to 200C, making it a solvent recovery system. This equipment come with a glass condense column and a multi-use flask to condense and recover the vaporized solvent or other element that has low boiling temperature. There are two addition port on the multi-use flask for any further customized function per customer request.

3: Crystallization and liquid solid separations

Filter reactor can perform liquid solid separation, the final step in manufacturing process. In many industry, the solids crystal are the final product, suspending in a solvent. After liquid from passes through the filter, the solids may be wash to remove any undesired component or dried and harvested.

Filter reactor units can perform solids filtering, washing, re-slurring and drying in a single unit, reducing process time, labor and environmental exposure. Positive and negative pressure can facilitates filtering rate and filter cake drying rate, which can be additionally aided by heat and cake agitation.


You can choose the standardized or custom-made product depending upon your needs.



Full jacketed body to Maximized Heat Transfer


Additional Port for customized function

The jacketed reactor has two additional port for any customization

The multi-use collecting flask has one condenser and two additional ports for any customization.

Electric Motor Specification:


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