Ethanol Extraction Centrifuge System for  Crude Oil


HEE - Series 

  • Different extraction capacities, for lab and industrial production

  • 98% extraction rate from biomass and 97% ethanol removal

  • Made by high quality food-grade stainless steel 304

  • Easy to operate & high automation with settable program

Product Overview


The HEE series centrifuge extraction system integrated ethanol extraction and centrifugal technique together in one machine for fast extraction. The process can be carried out at either room temperature or cryo temperature (for instance -40 ֯C). The jacketed vessel ensures a precious temperature control during the extraction process. The bi-directional agitation provides a comprehensive mix of the materials and the alcohol, maximizing the extraction efficiency. And the high speed spin-dry cycles remove approximately 97% of the alcohol.



HEE - 30

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Vessel Volumn

Vessel Diameter

Processing rate

26 Gallon


15 kg/batch

Motor Power


Sping Speed



HEE- 100

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Vessel Volumn

Vessel Diameter

Processing rate

80 Gallon


50 kg/batch

Motor Power


Sping Speed



HEE - 200

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Vessel Volumn

Vessel Diameter

Processing rate

156 Gallon


100 kg/batch

Motor Power


Sping Speed




Reinforced Sight Glass

Made with 304 and 316L Stainless Steel

Tri-clamp Fittings for Feed and Drain Port



Auto/Manual Controls

Digital Interface with PLC

Variable Spin Speed

Optional Upgrade 

Explosion Proof Motor

Ethanol Storage Tank


Liquid Transfer Pumps

Operation Procedure

  1. Preparation of Raw Material

Before extraction, the flower needs to be milled to small size (about 4-6 mm) to maximize the efficiency of extraction.

   2. Loading Material

Fill the filter bag with appropriate amount of milled dry flower and seal the bag, then load the bag into the vessel.

   3. Filling Solvent

Close the vessel and make sure it is properly sealed and fill the right amount of solvent depending on the size of the vessel.

   4. Agitation and Draining

Chose “agitation” on the programing panel, the bi-directionally spin ensure the botanical material is well mixed with solvent so that approximately 98% of compounds can be extracted from the material. The mixing time can be set by the user. After agitation, open the drain valve, the ethanol will be drained into a container for further usage. The solvent may be reused for another 1 or 2 batch of extraction.

   5. Spin-Dry

Make sure the drain valve stays open, chose the “spin-dry” program to remove the residual solvent in the extracted botanical material. The spinning speed can be adjusted by user.

   6. Unloading

Open the lid once the “spin-dry” process is finished and the vessel has completely stopped. Take out the filter bag and empty the bag and dispose the botanical material properly.

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