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Continuous Flow Microchannel Reactor

Maximum process throughput:200/4000ml/min
Annual flux (24h working system):100/2800t/Year
Operating temperature:-70-200℃
Work pressure:1.6MPa

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Plate Microchannel Reactor 

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Dynamic Microreactor

Product Introduction

Continuous flow microreactor uses a unique internal structure to form rapid turbulent flow of internal materials, which can improve fluid mixing, enhance mass transfer and heat transfer, and is suitable for multi-phase reactions and reactions under high-risk or harsh conditions. According to different scenarios Providing one-stop customized services aims to shorten reaction time, reduce resource waste, improve product quality and purity, eliminate safety risks, reduce environmental pollution, and achieve seamless scale-up from laboratory to industrial production. Yuanhuai continuous flow microreactor can perform reactions under a variety of different reactor types and conditions. The modular system components are flexible and easy to use, and are suitable for sulfonation, format, hydrogenation, nitration, oxidation, esterification, and diazotization. Such reactions are widely used in fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, nanomaterials, polymer materials and other industries.

Main Features 

· The reactor has a small volume and a liquid holding capacity of 1~2L.

· Large specific surface area,high transfer rate,short contact time,and few by-products

· Made of stainless steel 316L, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, optional silicon carbide, Hastelloy, glass and other materials

· High flux, reactor flux≥10L/min.

· Flow is stable,fluctuation ≤0.1%(pure water test).

· High working pressure,silicon carbide and glass materials can reach 2.0MPa,stainless steel or other metals can reach 10MPa.

· The operating temperature range is -70℃~300℃

· It has high safety,and a large amount of heat can be removed in time to ensure that the reaction temperature is maintained within the set range,minimizing the possibility of accidents.

· Solid-liquid reaction can be achieved,materials are mixed evenly,and complete reaction can be  truly achieved through particles and powders with a diameter of <0.1mm.

Plate Microchannel Reactor
Dynamic Microreactor
Multi-stream compatible
liquid liquid
gas liquid solid
Main material
Stainless steel 316L
Stainless steel 316L
Single channel liquid holding capacity(mL)
Number of channels
Maximum process throughput(mL/min)
Annual flux t/year(24h)
Channel line width(mm)
Operating temperature(℃)
Work pressure(MPa)
Sealed form
Static seal(PTFE)
Magnetic seal
Heating method
Thermal oil jacket/steam
Thermal oil jacket/steam

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